Nuit Blanche: A ‘Reclaim the Streets’ Revival

I must admit that over the last few years my opinion of Nuit Blanche has been cynical … The reality of waiting for hours to see “public” outdoor art is not my ideal way to spend my evenings. However , I’m realizing more and more that Toronto’s trendy Nuit Blanche “art thing” isn’t really about the art for me at all. It’s about the community … our community … taking back it’s streets, public spaces and buildings. It’s about making a commitment to wander through our city streets into the early hours; enjoying, discovering, and experiencing what our amazing city has to offer, whether it’s some art installation that will only be there for a day, or something that’s been there for years which you’ve never noticed before, because you’ve been walking around with closed eyes. Nuit Blanche is about conscious observation, and active participation in a city that we are so comfortable in, that we forget how to experience it. It’s about talking to random strangers and connecting to a collective “spirit” that emanates through our city on this one very special night . And for me, undoubtedly, it’s about staying up all night and watching the sunrise over our sweet urban landscape. Mist rising, grapefruit sky and the silence of exhaustion, peace, rest.

Clowns in between buildings. Nuit Blanche Toronto (2012). Artist Unknown